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Residential energy audit

Produits et services :

We can :
• Conduct a comprehensive energy balance of a dwelling,
• highlight weaknesses in terms of energy,
start work in isolation,
explore opportunities to reduce energy consumptions,
• set priorities for action for your futur work,
be informed about financial aid from the Walloon Region and tax incentives,
get bonuses for the insulation of floors and walls, ...

The study focuses on:
the building envelope (walls, floors, roofs, frames),
the heating system (yield production, distribution, and emission control),
the system of hot water (yield production, storage and distribution),
ventilation of the building,
(optional) the problem of overheating of the building in summer.

This comprehensive analysis allows, in fine, highlighting areas for improvement (insulation, heating, sanitary hot water, ventilation), to advance solutions to achieve, to estimate the cost and set priorities.


Professionals and individuals (owners and tenants)


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